U3A Online Courses

U3A Online Courses.

These are now available to Southlakes U3A Members for FREE.

We have purchased licences for these 5 courses:

1. You need to send an email to itsouthlakesu3a@gmail.com to obtain the password.

2. Go to the U3A Online website (www.u3aonline.org.au)

or click on this link:  U3A Online

3. Click on Login to U3A Online (top right)

   Login as: southlakes

   and password: (from the email)

4. After you login – click on


Then, scroll to the bottom and choose the Course you want to do.

Each lesson has a pdf file that you can download, to use offline.

Some of these pdf files are available below:

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China in Transition


Unit 2 The Last Dynasty

Unit 3 The Power Struggles

Unit 4 Mao Zedong Political & Socio-economic policies

Unit 5 Death of the Emperor

Unit 6 Spotlight on Three Women of Destiny

Unit 7 The Land & Its People

Unit 8 The New Millennium

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The History of Espionage


Unit 2 From the Bible to Joan d Arc

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