I would like to add my appreciation to Laurene and her wonderful team who have given to the Morisset area a priceless treasure.
We will never know the hours of planning and organizing that have produced for us oldies an avenue for making new friends, where we can associate with those who have the same interests, and collectively learn, grow and laugh.
I joined the writing group at the beginning. Patricia Pears was our teacher. We treasured her input and guidance. Due to ill health she can no longer be with us, but she will always be remembered.
Then our brilliant crime writer, Merran Delaney, took over the reins, and the fun, laughter and togetherness continued.
I have been a member since the beginning and I certainly recommend joining.
Thank you everyone.

Gwen D.

l have really enjoyed two terms with Bob Ireland and the number of subjects we have managed to cover in his courses Beyond Britannia and Social Conflict In Australia. Looking back at the migration to Australia of such a diverse group of people and the impact into our everyday day lives of these groups stimulated readings and research for each member of our group.
The early history of the original people of our country was a subject certainly not discussed during my school years. Again Bob opened many doors with interesting discussions.
In recent times we watched video clips, looked at photos and discussed some of the conflicts which we as Australians have witnessed. By examining conscription, the war in Vietnam and other social issues Bob was able to bring back memories of past events which have had an impact on all of our lives.
I have asked that he put it all on hold as I am missing Term Three and very selfishly don’t want to miss anything! Thank you Bob and thank you U3A for these opportunities.

Lyndsay D.

Brian Rabjohn is a consummate Playwright and Director Extraordinaire, with a flamboyant professional flair for fun and sidesplitting laughter. Each week in Play Reading he imparts his superior knowledge and
experience with such grace and infinite patience, pretending not to notice our little senior moments when we miss cues, can’t find what page we are on, forget where we are supposed to be sitting, standing or entering from, or just plain preoccupied with batting eyelashes at fellow “players”…..
This was my first term with U3A Southlakes and I‘m sorry I didn’t join earlier.I am also in the WOW group with Pam Brandse and Lesley at the helm. They have taken us on super outings this term. We visited the Archibald Prize paintings at Lake Macquarie Art Gallery followed by a delicious lunch at Awaba House. Our wonderful Mystery Tour was fabulous, with many guesses as to our destinations for both morning tea and luncheon.
This month’s special occasion is a Christmas in July celebration on a cruise of Berowra Waters complete with Christmas baubles….
How exciting!

Belinda J.

I joined U3A as recommended by my friend Ross Bennett so I could get past the myths regarding Windows 10.
The Course run by Elena was really comprehensive and covered most aspects of the program. Elena demonstrated infinite patience and attention to detail and I feel my time was well spent throughout the course.
Much appreciation to Elena and U3A.

George P.

The creative writing group started the week after the big storm in April 2015. Our group leader Patricia Pears gave us topics each week to write about. The first one was The Storm – obvious wasn’t it? The second topic was Council Cleanup – can you imagine writing about that?
So, using my imagination and a few real life situations, I created a little story – Flossie the Fairy – which I read out in class. Creating such a story was certainly a hidden talent, as I had no idea that I could do this.
Patricia was the first one to suggest that I should get it published! So I took the bull by the horns and with encouragement from members of the group and current leader Merran Delaney, I found a publisher and I now have a published book!

Nancy W.

I joined U3A this year, and enjoyed Trivia and Keep the Marbles Rolling.
I also loved doing Patchwork with Helen Ingrey, and I am really looking forward to Crafty Chicks in Term 3.
Key Word Signing was amazing and I am looking forward to Term 3 with great joy.
Learning about the IPad in IPad for Fun and More, and Windows 10 with Elena Scifleet was most rewarding, and I have enrolled for Windows 10 in Term 4 too.
Joining U3A has been such a positive decision, and I have really enjoyed meeting so many new, great people, who have become friends.

I am a retired Social Science teacher who for the last eight years of a forty plus teaching career was a Careers Advisor, the best job in the world, as I knew I could make a difference.
A friend told David and me about U3A and the wide variety of things we could do. We googled U3A Morisset and came up with Southlakes and haven’t looked back. David began his courses before I did, as I had become rather reclusive after a serious accident. He encouraged me to join Mahjong. Roger Philpott lives near us and would stop and talk (one of his gifts!) and pop in for a cuppa. He also encouraged us. What a great advocate for U3A is Roger.
I have lived up at Bonnells Bay for just on a year and U3A has become almost a saviour.

Maureen T.

I joined the “Find Your Inner Artist” U3A drawing class, wanting to get back to something I had enjoyed many years ago.
I have been very pleased with the class. I have met some truly beautiful, like-minded people. Yolande has a very organised approach to teaching and from the start we have known exactly what we are aiming for and we are all steadily moving forward towards this goal. Nobody has dropped off and I feel that everyone is enjoying the experience.
This is a very well structured, well-run class and I am thoroughly enjoying it.
Thanks you U3A.

Jennifer R.

I was at the Communication Skills class one morning, when Laurene encouraged me to join Key Word Signing. I jumped at the chance and attended my first class that afternoon.
Some time ago I was at a Newcastle shopping centre with my daughter and saw a large group of hearing-impaired people signing to each other while they had coffee. They were having so much fun laughing at each other’s signs that I thought it would be good to learn.
We do have a fun class and it’s not hard to learn especially signing the songs. It would be good for others to learn to sign, as we might be able to help someone one day. Besides, it’s like learning a new language and that’s good to keep our brains active!

Jennifer W.

This poetry course highlights works by 19th century Australian female poets. The poems give us an insight of the harsh bush life in 19th century Australia – the struggles of the men and women went through on the land. They also describe the beauty of the Australian flora and fauna.
The poetic language used – metaphors, similes allusions – may “hide” the meaning of the poems, but as we discuss and analyse the poems and read them in context, they come to life and can mean different things to us personally as filtered through our individual experiences.
Some of the poems are lessons in history and society. They reveal the social standing of women then and their struggles. Even though we still have a long way to go, socially as women we have come a long way from those days when a woman’s role in life was to be an obedient wife and a good mother to her many children.

Lisa C.