April Members Gathering

It was great fun having a cuppa and a chat with our U3A friends at the April Members Gathering.
This gathering was enriched by the guest speaker Wendy Birrell, the Road User Safety Officer Hunter from Roads and Maritime Services. Wendy focused her presentation on ‘Road Safety for Older Road Users’ and covered important issues that affect all of us when we move from place to place on foot or by car, cycle or motorised wheelchair/scooter. We were most interested in the Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules of NSW. Yes, you guess it, Number 1 is Roundabouts followed by Pedestrians, Mobile Phones, Merging, Keeping Left, Headlights, U Turns, Safe Following Distance, School Zones and finally Yellow Traffic Lights. It was beneficial to be reminded of these issues and I know we drove home more aware of the rules. Many handouts were available but if you were unable to attend these helpful booklets, especially ‘On the Road 65Plus’ are available at Service NSW outlets.

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