Covid Plan

Southlakes U3A Covid-19 Safe Plan

This plan was agreed by the Management Committee on 7th January 2021 and applies to all activities undertaken by Southlakes U3A classes and events.
All members will be sent a copy of this plan by e-mail (or mail, if no email). A copy will be placed on the website.

Members are asked to follow the arrangements set out in this plan to help ensure;

  • the wellbeing of SLU3A members,
  • physical distancing,
  • venue cleaning and
  • the 5 issues of hygiene compliance

Good hygiene for all of us

  1. Adopt good hand hygience by washing for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or using sanitiser.
  2. Sneeze or cough into your elbow.
  3. Dispose of used tissues immediately after use.
  4. Avoid touching your face.
  5. Comply with social distancing and NSW Health requirements.

Wellbeing of all SLU3A members by all members

  1. All members are encouraged to assess their own health risk and not to attend any U3A classes if they show any symptoms; or have been in any ‘hotspot’ within 14 days. See
  2. Face masks are encouraged but not mandatory as per NSW Health.
  3. Members must bring own equipment e.g., full water bottles, yoga mats, towels, pens, musical items etc.
  4. Members will not share equipment.
  5. Only members whose name appears on the class roll will be admitted to a class.
  6. Members will be asked to wait outside (while maintaining the correct distance) while any cleaning or room preparation is in progress before class time.
  7. Members are asked not to gather in common areas.
  8. People who display unwell symptoms will be asked to leave a class, session or event. They will be advised to get a Covid19 test and provide proof of a negative test before returning to SLU3A classes or events.
  9. Venues will be asked to display appropriate signage.
  10. Zoom, website, email or phone classes may be offered by leaders as an alternative to venues
  11. There will be no high intensity cardio class due to cleaning requirements.
  12. Any singing and ukulele groups may need to adapt further risk management strategies.
  13. Members should be aware of the COVIDSafe app, QR Codes and there benefits to support
    contact tracing.

Leaders and Course Clerks class responsibilities

Leaders and Course Clerks

  1. are asked to attend an Induction Session on Wednesday 20th January 2021 to receive information on COVID-19 (including physical distancing, cleaning, record keeping, testing).
  2. will be provided with COVID-19 safety kit which will include sanitiser, disinfectant, and wipes,    for indoor classes.
  3. will be contacted to ensure they understand and agree to what is required of them; and
  4. will ensure class safety briefings include COVID-19 arrangements. SLU3A Covid-19 Safe Plan Page 2 of 3

Physical distancing

  1. Indoor group activities will have no more than the regulated participants allowed, plus Leader and Course Clerk.
  2. Class times will be staggered to avoid crowding at entrances or in hallways.
  3. If members wish to catch up with friends, they should do this after class in an outdoor area beyond the venues and maintain social distancing.
  4. The Leaders and Course Clerks Induction Session will have staggered seating as per
    government requirements.
  5. The Committee will ask venues to display appropriate signage and have floor markers to
    indicate distancing, queuing, seating or table placement.

Physical distancing responsibilities for Leaders and Course Clerks

Leaders and Course Clerks will

  1. ensure capacity does not exceed government requirements;
  2. ensure activities are non-contact as much as practical. While accidental contact may occur, there is to be no deliberate contact or drills;
  3. ensure there will be no spectators at classes or events;
  4. encourage people not to mill or congregate at beginning or end of classes or events; and
  5. mark the roll at each session to allow distancing and hygiene.

Venue hygiene

  1. Members are encouraged to adopt good hygiene practices.
  2. Sanitizer will be provided to Course Clerks, to be available at the venue entry for members. Members are asked to use the sanitiser at the beginning and end of class.
  3. Course Clerks may designate a class member to ensure all member use sanitiser provided at the
  4. No food is to be consumed at any venue (unless outside or agreed with facility management).
  5. Kitchens are banned from use at all venues, to avoid cleaning of cutlery and hard surfaces.
  6. Landlords will be asked to provide hand soap and paper towel in bathrooms.
  7. Venues are expected to provide visual aids above hand wash basin to support effective hand washing.

Venue cleaning

Leaders and Course Clerks will

  1. be provided with appropriate strength disinfectant;
  2. use disinfectant as per manufacturers’ instructions;
  3. clean venues prior to class sessions. This may include light switches, door handles, common touch points; wipe chairs (including underneath) and tables before use; wash hands after any cleaning; and
  4. contact the Program Coordination Program for further sanitiser and disinfectant supplies.

Venue toilets cleaning

  1. Each class is to develop a roster for cleaning the bathroom at each venue, if required by the venue’s Covid-19 Plan
  2. All touch points are to be sanitised with disinfected wipes
  3. Wipes are to be disposed of responsibly
  4. Hands are to be washed before and after cleaning

Record keeping

  1. All members MUST provide a name, mobile or email address on enrolment. This data will be used to create appropriate class attendance rolls for leaders and Course Clerks only. The IT Officer ensures the confidentiality of information provided.
  2. Class sizes will be limited as per NSW Health requirements.
  3. Over-subscribed classes will have waitlists. The SLU3A Enrolment Officer or Program Coordination Team Leader will inform people if a place becomes available
  4. Rolls are to be marked by either Leaders or Course Clerks. Late arrivals or early leaving is noted. These rolls are to be returned each term to the Program Coordination Team.SLU3A Covid-19 Safe Plan Page 3 of 3
  5. The Management Committee will cooperate with NSW Health and landlords, in contacting
    members in relation to any positive case of Covid-19.

Further information


Covid-19 symptoms are fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath.

Less common symptoms include loss of smell; loss of taste, runny nose, muscle pain, joint pain, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite


Southlakes U3A Management Committee takes its role of governance and due diligence seriously
during the Covid-19 crisis. We endeavour to address the requirements of the NSW Government, as
guided by NSW Health and the U3A Network NSW Inc memos and emails.

However, as requirements change, this plan will be updated as neede

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