These are some of the walks we’ve done in Walking the Lake. New ones will be added over time. As well as directions the track notes include a brief description of the walk, the location of the starting point and some of the background on the specific location.

WalkDistance (km)Time RequiredDifficultyLocationDescriptionLink to Track Notes
Shingle Splitters Shuffle3.51½ hours EasyBalcolynFig Tree Point has great view across to Point Wolstoncroft, Pulbah Island and Wangi Point, while Shingle Splitters Point looks back on the bizarre digital delta of Dora Creek.Notes
Awaba Wobble3.81½ hours EasyBolton PointAn easy out-and-back walk of 3.8 km along a mix of fire trail and well-defined foot track with lovely views across Awaba Bay.Notes
Awaba Wander4.71½ hours ModerateBolton PointA circuit walk much of which is on a narrow bush track, but which also includes the Awaba Wobble & about 200 m of roadside walking.
Avondale Adventure 13.01 hourEasyCooranbongA circuit that follows Avondale College’s Sandy Creek walk along Dora and Jigadee Creeks, starting and ending at the historic swing bridge.Notes
Avondale Adventure 22½ 1 hourEasyCooranbongThe circuit around the traditional Girls Walk.  Goes to the original entrance to the college from Avondale Rd.Notes
Sandy Creek Saunter3.11 hourEasyCooranbongA circuit that combines walking along roads through open farmland with fire trails & bush paths through paperbark and swamp mahogany forest.  Lots of bellbirds.Notes
Dora Dawdle5.01½ hours EasyDora CreekA there-and-back stroll along the reserve beside Dora Creek that explores the riparian vegetation and the creek’s digitate delta.  Views of Lake Eraring and Shingle Splitters Point.Notes
Eraring Encirclement 13.71 hourModerateEraringA pleasant circuit along fire trails and foot tracks in the surprisingly wild back areas of Eraring and along the shore of Whitehead Lagoon.  It includes the powerful outlet channel for the Eraring Power Station.Notes
Eraring Encirclement 24.41½ hoursEasyEraringA mix of road and foot trail surfaces, this circuit walk investigates Pipers Point, with really sweet views of Lake Eraring and a unique perspective on the mouth of Dora Creek.Notes
Eraring Encirclement 34.81½ hoursModerateEraringThis circuit walk ompletes the encirclement and takes in the southern shore of Myuna Bay, the Myuna Bay scout campsite, the Eraring Power Station outlet canal area and Rocky Point.Notes
Point Wolstoncroft Potter6.01½ hours EasyGwandalanOut-and-back walk along Point Wolstoncroft, a spectacular, narrow peninsular that reaches into the deepest part of Lake Macquarie with views across to Pulbah Island. Notes
Kurri Kurri Hurry Hurry 3.01 hourEasyKurri KurriKurri Kurri has over 40 outdoor public murals that tell the stories of the people, events and places that shaped the area’s unique character, culture and heritage. Notes
Bird Cage Bop2.91 hourEasyMorisset ParkA gentle out-and-back walk through open forest to Bird Cage Point, with lovely views across Wyee Bay.Notes