Walking the Lake

Walking the Lake gives people the chance to experience the beauty and diversity of our region by walking the ground and talking about its history. The exercise is gentle, the company is fun and once a week we go out to discover yet another hidden gem from the lake’s shore, the coastal strip or the mountain foothills.

Our walks are typically 3-5 kilometres and take 1-1½ hours. Walking the Lake is not aimed at hard core bushwalkers, although several of our members would describe themselves that way.

Our walks ratings align to the age and fitness of U3A members, not to the Australian Walking Track Grading System. Under the AWTGS no walk exceeds Grade 3.

Easy walks can typically be done in training shoes.  The surfaces are usually solid, but not necessarily paved, and the climbs are relatively small.  A reasonably fit 80 year old should be able to do them.

Moderate walks have bigger hills and more slippery surfaces, and may test your aerobic fitness by making you puff.  People with heart conditions need to have a think about doing them, but all members of our group should be able handle them. These walks need more robust footwear.

Difficult walks are not for those of the dicky knee or the dodgy ticker, so they’re not suitable for all our group. We recommend taking trekking poles and wearing boots. 

To see the details of some of our walks, click –> here