Courses Term 4, 2021

Cancellation of Term 3 and Term 4, 2021 Classes

Given the current Covid situation in NSW, the Southlakes U3A committee has decided to cancel all classes for the rest of 2021.

After the terrible Covid impact on our 2020 program, we commenced this year with great hope that despite us having to live with Covid,  we would be able to run the entire 2021 classes and activities. Unfortunately, the resurgence Covid, the Delta variant in particular, and its impact across NSW, and the nation, has proved hard to combat. Thankfully, with vaccines now available, there is a pathway forward to minimise such future catastrophic impacts but it is envisaged that it will still take some months to transition towards a “new norm”. 

Hopefully by 2022 we will have settled into the “new norm” and be able to run a full 2022 program of classes and activities. In the meantime there are some classes using Zoom and also a range  of online courses available to members

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the President, Steve Morton, or a committee member.


Bocce for Fun

Designed as a fun activity, with rules depending on the location of play for the week. Bocce is closely related to British bowls and French pétanque. The modern-day form was developed in Italy and is based on games played dating back to the Romans.
Mondays from 9 to 10:30am in Wangi Wangi

Strumming the Strings

Paul Kelly offers guidance and direction to Ukulele Students of the Intermediate Level and above in a relaxed and informal environment. The main goal of this class is to create a friendly space for individuals who like playing UKULELE and singing (per Covid restrictions) in a group setting. BUT, most of all, the emphasis is on FUN.
Mondays from 10 to Noon at the Dora Creek Workers Club.

Men’s Breakfast

Your opinion is ……. . Meet and share your thoughts on a wide range of topics in a friendly atmosphere over breakfast. Definitely the group to join if your interest is in local and current events.
1st Monday of the month @ 8:30am in Wangi Wangi.

Tai Chi for Exercise 2

Tai Chi is a relaxing form of an ancient Chinese exercise system involving gentle movements of all parts of the body. This class is for those who wish to do regular exercise for arthritis and good health. It is also a beginner’s class for Tai Chi and Qigong.
Mondays from Noon to 1pm at the Dora Creek Hall.

Card Sharks

Come and revive the art of playing cards. We grew up playing cards, but life has diverted our interests. This is an opportunity to once again enjoy the fun of playing 500, Euchre, Rummy, Pontoon, Cribbage, and many other games.
Mondays from 1 to 4pm at the Dora Creek Workers Club

Better Understanding your iPad

Having trouble fully utilising all your iPad features? This class is designed to help you better understand the functionality of your iPad. Run for  complete novices to those who know enough to be dangerous. Just bring your iPad with you.
Mondays from 1:30 to 3:00pm at the Uniting Church in the Trees, Morisset.

French for Travellers

For those who may be planning travel to a French speaking country (if borders are ever opened again) or you may just want to brush up on your conversational French, this is the class for you. Mondays from 2 to 3:30pm at the Uniting Church in the Trees, Morisset.

Balance ‘n Bones 1 & 2

An exercise program for active, mobile mature aged participants. It is a fun way to work out and aims to increase flexibility, balance, coordination, and core strength. A 45-minute DVD is used for this class. An extremely popular choice.
Tuesdays or Thursdays from 8:30 to 9:30am at Dora Creek Hall.

Southlakes Ukulele Group (SLUGs)

A weekly workshop for novice ukulele players who know the fundamental skills to play the instrument and want to improve their ability to accompany themselves, in a group, while singing popular songs. The object – perform at the Year-end Concert.
Tuesdays from 10 to Noon at Dora Creek Hall.

Intermediate Patchwork

Suitable for patch workers with at least one year’s experience. It allows for more advanced techniques to be explored. Just bring along your own fabric and equipment such as scissors, rotary cutter, ruler, cutting mat, long pins, fine needles etc.
Tuesdays from 10am to 3pm at Dora Creek Seventh-day Adventist Church Hall.

Creative Sketching and Water Colour

Examine the fundamentals of sketching using pencil and ink including application of water colour. The emphasis will be on creative expression of ideas and imagination and having fun. Bring to class a graphite pencil set, eraser and A4 drawing paper, plus water colour drawing paper if you have some.
Tuesdays from 12:30 to 3:30pm at Dora Creek Hall.

Lawn Bowls

Always wanted to take up bowls, then here is your opportunity. This course is an introduction to lawn bowls. It runs over 6 weeks. Each week consists of a 30-minute classroom session followed by a 90-minute practice on what is discussed on the day. Bring a bowls set if you have one.
Tuesdays from 1 to 3pm at the Catalina Bowling Club, Rathmines.

Tai Chi & Qigong

Tai chi and qi gong are centuries-old practices that involve certain postures and gentle movements with mental focus, breathing, and relaxation. These gentle exercise coordinate the body
and enhance your health. Everyone is welcome.. Everyone is welcome.
Wednesdays from 8 to 9am at Dora Creek Hall.

Chair or Mat Yoga

Gentle movement suitable for moving at your own pace and mobility in tune with your body’s capacity. All you need to bring is your Yoga mat. 
Wednesdays from 10:15 to 11:15am at Dora Creek Hall.

Walking the Lake

Let’s discover the lovely short walks around the lake. Each walk will take 60 – 90 minutes at a gentle pace. Participants will need stout walking shoes or boots, a hat, and a water bottle.
Wednesdays from 10 to 11:30am. Meeting place advised well before the walk.

Beginner Digital Photography

We begin with the basic composition rules and auto settings. We then explore the cameras menus and dials through fun shared learning, heaps of practice and a monthly excursion. A different monthly genre extends your composition, creative  talent and understanding. Suitable for beginners and those with some knowledge. Just bring your own digital camera, operating manual, and notebook.
Wednesdays from 10:30 t0 Noon at Dora Creek Hall.

Ladies Lunches with a Twist

You are invited to join this group for lunch and lively discussion. The dinners remaining this year are on 27th Oct and 24th Nov.
Wednesdays from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Venues advised well before the lunch.  

Book Lovers

For those interested in reading and then discussing the book. All you need is a Library Card. The library books will be provided.
Every 3rd Wednesday from 1 to 2:30pm at the Uniting Church in the Trees, Morisset.

Brain Ticklers

Exercise your brain, humour, and social skills with a fun mix of creative thinking, puzzles, word games, code breakers, trivia, and jokes. There will be plenty of class participation (the leader is not going to do it all). There may be a small fee for photocopying. Just bring pens, pencils, eraser, and notebook with you. Wednesdays from 1 to 2:30pm at Dora Creek Hall.

Photo Field Trips

We visit many interesting places, local and not so local, where your camera skills can be practised in the field. Most digital cameras have far more capabilities than the average user needs. A great opportunity to expand and enhance your photographic skills. Just bring your own digital device. Only 1 session this month – 18th Nov from 8:30 to 1pm, meeting at Rotary Park, Kahiba St, Morisset.

Coffee Club

Build and nurture friendships in U3A. Enjoy a chat, with a cuppa, at various local cafes. Learn about your community.
Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the Term Month from 10 to Noon. Venues advised ahead of time.

Mah-Jong for fun

A very pleasant way to exercise your mind. This year long course is for players familiar with the western variation of Mah-Jong. Various forms of the game will be played including that of Thompson and Maloney.
Thursdays from 12:30 to 3:30pm at the Dora Creek Workers Club.

Our Rich Lakeside History

You are invited to continue with our local history course in Term 4 as we conclude our programme of seven presentations during 2021, with the final two now on Thursdays in November.

So come along, extend your knowledge of places, events and characters pivotal to the unfolding history of our local area, or more particularly about events on the shores of Lake Macquarie.

  1. Rathmines Catalina Base will be open to us with an interesting speaker unfolding its past history around 1930s and WW11, then considering future vision by LM City Council for the use of the historic area.
  2. Rev Lancelot Threlkeld is a somewhat forgotten and under rated character, with fascinating links to the growth of the coal industry on the shores of Lake Macquarie and to the documentation of the Awabakal indigenous language. Kit Craig has completed some great research on this fellow, indeed worthwhile sharing.

 Thursday in November 10am to 12pm,  presentation for approx. 1 hour, then chat, après coffee being personal choice.    Meeting 10 am at different local locations, one being weather dependent.

CONFIRMATION DETAILS:    emailed a week prior.

Painting & Drawing

Find your hidden artistic talent, using a variety of mediums for painting and drawing. A wonderful opportunity to develop and grow your talents.
Thursdays from 1 to 4pm at the Uniting Church in the Trees, Morisset.

Opal Outings

Grab your Opal Card and explore our local area using all forms of travel by train, light rail, ferry and bus.  We will roam from Maitland and Raymond Terrace in the north to Gosford and Palm Beach in the south.  A great way to see our wonderful towns from a different angle.
Thursday 7 October from 8am to 4pm.  Trip information sent in the previous week.

Writing Workshop

Our leader, Beth Elliott offers a 2 day fun, informal workshop.  We will investigate different aspects of writing such as book structure, tips for capturing significant memories, style consistency, characterisation, writing as a way of healing, the psychological benefits of writing and putting “place” into your writing. Everyone welcome.
Thursday  14th and 21st October from 11:00 to 1:00pm at the Dora

Movies that Move Us

Through the enthusiasm and passion of the group we will explore favourite movies. We will discuss techniques, genres, music, and dialogue that make our favourites so memorable. Gatherings are bi-monthly with the remaining 2021 ones being
22nd Oct 12th Nov and 26th Nov.

Word Processing Microsoft Word

We will learn Word processing skills using Microsoft Word. Toolbars, Letterhead, Template, Tabbing, Cut Paste & Copy, Highlighting, Keyboard shortcuts, Auto correct, Macros, Templates and Style. Just bring your own laptop if you have one.
Thursdays from 12:30 to 2:30pm at the Uniting Church in the Trees, Morisset.