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We offer a large variety of long and short term courses. We take great care in selecting our courses to make sure that the courses we provide are both mentally and physically stimulating and delivered to the highest quality.

Our course information booklet is published in early January. Changes to the program will be advertised in our "Program Changes" document and included in our quarterly newsletter and updated on the website.

Latest Program

To view our latest courses and download the enrolment form, click on this link:

 Course Program Term 1-4, 2020 

For more Detailed Information on Courses, click on the link below:

 Details of Courses (Listed by Day) in 2020 

Our courses are held in different venues around the bottom loop of Lake Macquarie.

Venue information is included in the course description. You can find venue map and information on this link:

Course Venues 

Please note: to enroll into a course you have to be a financial member.

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