Back in Touch – Volume 10

Back in Touch - Volume 10, September 21

The President's Pen

Just in case you had not realised but Christmas is less than 100 days away. While just getting together as a family to celebrate this wonderous time of the year will bring the greatest joy to all of us, choosing a present may be more of a challenge. From what I read and hear, Covid has negatively impacted many supply chains globally. In view of this, it may be a good time to start organising those little Xmas treasurers for your loved ones, particularly members in the younger generation bracket. A very special role for all parents and grandparents.         ~ Steve Morton


Computer Security

Thanks to Robyn Hall for reminding us that we need to be vigilant when it comes to what goes on in our computers. These assistants both look as though they have deleted many cookies.

Because We Need to Laugh ...

Care to Share

What have you been up to over the last few months, be it U3A related via zoom or something else, that you would like to share with our members. It may just be the inspiration that somebody needs to help them through the next few challenging months as we transition into our new norm. Sharing is a great way to keep us connected so your input is greatly welcomed.

Grandmas are Always Winners

By Mid-November

How sad but true for most of us. But for those with a double jab (80%), the world will hopefully reopen slowly, come mid-November. Something to really start looking very forward to, a chance to beat the Bin.

Am I at the RIGHT Meeting?

I know this is definitely not relevant to our group, but I thought it is clever.

You Should/Could Do It!!!

Four years ago, today I, together with 11 other friends (work colleagues and partners from Europe), were roughly 360 kms into the “Way of St. James” Camino Pilgrimage, a 776 kilometre walk from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  On average we walked around 5.5 hours per day for 6 days a week clocking up just under 27 kms per day (~ 39.7 steps/day). It remains one of the most rewarding and memorable adventure I have taken.The scenery, the history, just walking through farms and fields and meeting with the locals along the way was brilliant. Additionally, to have the privilege to share “the Camino” experience for 6 weeks with a wonderful group of friends is a great blessing.

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Our entire focus was on safety, working together, looking out for each other, keeping our eyes on the varying surfaces (some rough and rocky plus some steepness from time to time), a daily routine of early breakfast, hoping for strategically placed trees along the way, beer, evening meal, wine, and bed and what to expect on the next days planned route was absolutely out of this world.

I would do it again in a heartbeat, average age of pilgrims is in the mid 70’s and plan to with the same group once Covid is properly behind us.

If ever you get the opportunity, do not think twice about it, just do it.  ~ Steve Morton

Chocoholics, Beware!

They say every piece of chocolate eaten shortens your life by two minutes.

I've done the maths. Seems I died in 1537.Thank you to those members whose contributions have already been received.  ~ thanks Robyn Hall

Grandpa Teaching English!

In Closing ..........

Being happy not only helps you but it positively impacts everyone around you. Until the next issue enjoy Spring and stay healthy.


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