What Our Members Say About Us...

l have really enjoyed two terms with Bob Ireland and the number of subjects we have managed to cover in his courses Beyond Britannia and Social Conflict In Australia. Looking back at the migration to Australia of such a diverse group of people and the impact into our everyday day lives of these groups stimulated readings and research for each member of our group.
The early history of the original people of our country was a subject certainly not discussed during my school years. Again Bob opened many doors with interesting discussions.
In recent times we watched video clips, looked at photos and discussed some of the conflicts which we as Australians have witnessed. By examining conscription, the war in Vietnam and other social issues Bob was able to bring back memories of past events which have had an impact on all of our lives.
I have asked that he put it all on hold as I am missing Term Three and very selfishly don’t want to miss anything! Thank you Bob and thank you U3A for these opportunities.

Lyndsay D.